In the beginning….

healingMy name is Bob. I am married to the most beautiful woman I have ever known, Diana. She started a blog about things she has experienced and with words of promise. She has challeneged me to be brutally honest.

I have been challenged with many things in my life: divorce, addiction, sexual abuse, fear, sadness, and emptiness.

Recently, I have been challenged with accepting healing, from the One that has paid the price. Accepting Jesus as my Savior and my path to Heaven was easier than accepting the Truth in the same Word that promised healing. There are many things that I need to change, and perhaps this is why the time is now to confront them.

  1. Maybe you are like me and think that you do not deserve the grace of healing.
  2. Maybe you think what you have done is worse than what “he or she did”.
  3. Maybe you believe that you think healing is for someone more deserving.
  4. Maybe, you think you deserve what is happening in your life.
  5. Maybe, you and I do not really comprehend what Grace is…

That is NOT from God.

As we begin on this path, I know several things:

  1. God is LOVE.
  2. The Devil comes to kill and destroy.
  3. Healing requires faith.
  4. By His stripes we are healed.
  5. We have to listen to the Light, and not the demons who say we are not good enough.
  6. Just as He has forgiven us, we MUST forgive ourselves.

So, if you are so inclined, follow me on this journey, and together we will be healed!

Thank you Jesus!


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